ARC Model 4

Niche Door + Wall

An aesthetic niche solution with a single door and a fixed glass wall. A good choice for those who want a beautiful and spacious shower in a limited space. The fixed wall means that you do not risk opening the door against the wash basin, for example. 


One door and one wall.


Clear glass.
Clear glass with Timeless.
Frosted glass.
Opal frost.
Grey glass.


Blank Chrome.

Sizes (external dimensions)

350-1900 (A) mm.
Standard height, 2000 mm to top edge of glass, 2035 mm upper edge corner strut.

Customised free of charge
within the specified dimensions.

Grips / Handles

ARC grips are included as standard.
ARC handles are available as options.

Things to consider

• 15-year guarantee.
• 8 mm safety glass.
• Standard height 2000 mm upper edge glass, 2035 mm upper edge corner strut.
• The niche measurement is measured from wall to wall.
• The glass can be angled.
• Can be ordered with holes or grooves in the wall for pipes.
• The door is reversible, you choose whether it should hang on the right or left-hand side.
• Ensure that the floor drop suits the model and meets current construction standards.

When ordering, please state

• Item number.
• Door hung on the right or left-hand side.
• Niche measurement (A).
• Size of wall (B).
• Height (if other than the standard height, up to 2000 mm).
• If the optional handle is desired.