About Sanka

Sanka is more.

We want to do everything better, more functional and even more good looking. It has always been the guiding principle of our business. Quality and comfort are among the most important starting points for our design. Our stylish furniture for the shower rooms are ideal for both large and small spaces.

Sanka Oy was founded in 1950. The company focused on the design of acrylic plastic, which was a new material at this time. We have a long tradition in the production of design products made of plastic and the innovative collaboration with leading designers in Finland. Sanka has had among other luminaire Lokki and Modern Art of Yki Nummi in its production. With the professional attitude we have produced top-quality shower solutions for several decades.

Our current business approach has its roots in the 1970s, when we began producing shower solutions. Next, we have focused on manufacturing and marketing of furniture shower under our own brand. Our product lines SYNC and SLIDE has been awarded the Finnish Key flag. 

Today we are the proud owners of the place as the market leader in the shower furniture in Finland. Customer satisfaction is a matter of honor for us. We want to give our customers comprehensive service and therefore has a wide range of designer shower enclosures of the series LINC, SYNC, SLIDE, BRIC and ARC, all representing Scandinavian design.

Through a wide range of design and quality conscious customers, with our base in the Nordic countries offer a high delivery via a wide and efficient distribution and alert customer service. As a reference, we have been trusted to deliver shower furniture to several luxury liner that has been built at a shipyard in Finland. For example, the world's largest cruise liner Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas equipped with lowered shower walls.

Our production and head office is located in our own building in Loviisa. Sanka is part of a Nordic group of companies and in our catalogue you will also find first-class showers from our sister company INR.